Your practice watchdog.

OperationsThese business guardians feed on data and are motivated by efficiency. Their ability to analyze and absorb information is only equaled by their desire to strengthen and grow your business.

Due to exceptional patient care and refined business processes, nearly 50% of our Membership experienced double digit growth last year. Nearly 25% experienced growth of over 20% or higher. Why do Operations Managers keep their eye on growth? Growth equates to more jobs in our communities. New jobs help individuals create professional success. Professional success leads to financial security. And financial security builds a stronger local economy. Now that is something to believe in!

What role do we play? Operations Managers provide clarity by measuring your goal achievement, organizing mergers and acquisitions activities, implementing Business Practice Analysis action plans, and a whole lot more. By using Audigy-exclusive tools you’ll always have relevant, timely, and actionable data about your business.

For example, Pulse, is a practice management dashboard that uses real-time data to evaluate every aspect of your business. Pulse is designed to allow you to manage your business by exception.  Three key areas—flow, conversion and financial health—greet you on a daily basis with gauges that show you where to focus your efforts in the practice. Additionally, Pulse answers the age old question—am I normal? We use peer to peer benchmarking to show you where your practice stands in relation to similar peers across the country. We find that seeing what’s possible helps us all establish a clear vision for where we want to go in our local communities.

Frequent communication brings Audigy Members from across the country together to share best practices and lend a helping hand. We keep communication flowing through our proprietary CEO system. CEO stands for “Communicate. Educate. Operate.”  It is an online portal containing educational videos, task lists, and practice-management tools.

Our Operations Managers work with practice owners and staff to plug into CEO and Pulse to work more efficiently and effectively as a team.  According to our friend John C. Maxwell, “the team can make adjustments when it knows where it stands.”