Working for you

Who Is Audigy Group?

We Are Our Members.

Our services are driven by the needs of our Members—private business owners who want to stay independent and thrive in an industry overrun by corporate consolidation.

Our mission is to improve the quality of lives through proven, best practice-based marketing, finance, human resource, professional development, and operations services focused on your business, so you can focus on treating your patients.


audigy-sbu100x100The Strategic Business Unit:
Where proven tactics meet personalized support.

Do you have a team on your side? A group of experts dedicated to every aspect of your business? Audigy Members do. Marketing specialists, financial wizards, business analysts, and more help you navigate the industry’s roughest waters so you can steer the ship. We call this team the Strategic Business Unit, but pretty soon, you’ll be calling them family.

audigy-marketing100x100Cultivate your brand.
Communicate what makes you exceptional.

Whether you need something as simple as business collateral or as comprehensive as an entirely new branding strategy, our Marketing Services—a 43-strong group of designers, writers, and strategists—is here to realize your vision.

audigy-professional-development100x100Never stop learning.
Grow your team—and yourself—to achieve your goals.

Our Professional Development Team specializes in emphasizing your team’s strengths while defining—and implementing—a practice-specific training platform that supports their professional growth.

audigy-hr100x100Identify the right people for your practice.
Create a team of industry leaders in your very own home.

The lifeblood of any successful business is its people. That’s where your Human Resources Manager comes in. Whether you need a skilled provider or an ace outbound caller, or even a compensation package that helps your business retain its competitive edge, our deep industry and university connections will make your practice an employer of choice in your community.

FinanceElevate your level of financial awareness.
Maintain a healthy and sustainable audiology business.

Your specialty is helping people hear their best. One of ours is creating strategies that ensure your practice dollars are being used wisely. Our Finance Managers specialize in budgeting, forecasting, debt-reduction strategies, and all of the number-crunching specifics that take time away from you focusing on your patients and your team.

Innovation and Technology
Build a smarter office infrastructure.
Protect your digital assets and make wiser technology investments.

This talented group of IT professionals makes the impossible positively routine. Their work saves you time and money while ensuring that your office’s IT systems run at maximum efficiency.

OperationsMake your good practice great.
Best practice-based strategies create a nimble business.

It’s one thing to have data on your business; it’s another thing entirely to know what information to use to strengthen and grow your business. Your Operations Manager is your SBU Team’s all-seeing eye: They possess the knowledge and tools to help you evaluate your businesses at the macro and micro levels to more efficiently manage performance, recognize trends, and clearly identify and prioritize action items.

Business DevelopmentUnleash your potential.
Gain a comprehensive view of every aspect of your business.

What opportunities might you be missing out on? The Business Development Team at Audigy Group delivers the information and direction needed to help you capitalize on the unique business opportunities—like capital restructuring and expansion/acquisition support services—that allow you to achieve your personal, professional, and financial goals.