Our People

A Family of Teams

At Audigy Group, we live, eat, and breathe teamwork. So much so that everything we do—from the books we read to the layout of our offices—centers on a collaborative work style that brings out the best in all of us for the benefit of our Members.

Executive Team

ExecutivesMeet the revolutionary team that is transforming the private-practice audiology industry in North America and beyond. Positive influence, focused leadership, and being a great (as opposed to simply “good”) is what we’re all about. And it all starts here.

audigy-marketing100x100Marketing & Creative

Some of the most creative and innovative marketing campaigns in the hearing care industry start here. Digital, print, broadcast—basically anything you can imagine (and some things you might not), this team makes a reality on a daily basis.

audigy-it100x100Innovation & Technology

This talented group of IT professionals makes the impossible positively routine. Their work saves you time and money while ensuring that your office’s IT systems run at maximum efficiency.

audigy-professional-development100x100Professional Development

You never stop learning. And our Professional Development Team’s troop of experts helps you and your entire staff do what you already do well in your practice even better than you thought you could.

Membership Development

Membership DevelopmentWe work with some of the world’s most respected hearing care professionals. And no one is better at articulating the “why,” “how,” and “what” of Audigy Group’s mission to strengthen and grow private-practice audiology than this team of exceptional professionals.


Human Resourcesaudigy-hr100x100

Audigy has a talent for attracting talent—the dedicated and skilled professionals that can help turn your practice into a thriving business. Learn more about the team that is connecting today’s industry leaders with tomorrow’s hearing wellness trailblazers.


The Audigy Operations Team does more than just look under the hood of your business. They work with you to understand every aspect of your business and market, and they give you recommendations based on our entire Membership’s experience to show you what’s truly possible in your practice.


Maintaining the financial health of your business is a nonstop task. Our Finance Team tackles the complex stuff—the budgeting, projections, forecasting, monthly financial statement reviews, and much more—while increasing your financial awareness so you can confidently make the daily, monthly, and yearly decisions needed to help your business thrive.


Our internal Accounting Team keeps us all on budget, paid up, and within forecast. Plus, they make payday happen. We admire their patience and attention to the financial details that matter.

audigy-bookkeeping100x100Audigy Bookkeeping

Who doesn’t want to increase the accuracy, consistency, and visibility of their financial results? Meet the team that assists our Members every day in keeping their records precise and their financial statements healthy.

Business Development

Audigy Group Members capitalize. You no doubt have unique business opportunities to consider. And if you don’t today, you likely will tomorrow. Our Business Development Team delivers to Members the information and direction needed to help capitalize on these opportunities, whether you’re just getting started as a business owner, looking to expand your practice, or considering strategies for retirement.

Audigy Venture Group

Audigy Venture Group’s mission is to provide private practice hearing care providers with options when they’re looking for an exit strategy or a practice expansion. These are the individuals who help you make it happen. Audigy Venture Group is actively working to expand into markets where no AudigyCertified™ practices currently exist, and to offer opportunities for new and existing Members, as well as practice ownership opportunities for Audigy University graduates.


These fine folks just might have the toughest jobs in the company. Why? Because every Audigy event gets bigger and better, and it’s their responsibility keep it that way. Every logistical detail of every Patients for Life training, Guest Summit, and Audigy Member event lies in their hands. Meet the team behind the curtain.

Business Management & Administration

AdministrationYou know those special characters in fiction—the unsung heroes who always manage to have what you need, exactly when you need it—and you know that without their insight and dedication, the clocks would likely stop and the world just might stop spinning? We’ll let you in on a little secret: They’re real. And they’re just as important to AG’s success as you might imagine.