Part Education. Part Team Building. Part Family Reunion. All Amazing.

audigy-events200x200Audigy Group hosts leadership and team trainings all throughout the year for our Members, as well as special Guest Summit events for those looking to learn more about how we transform businesses and change lives. If you’re in need of a little inspiration or some quality time with your team, or you want to lean on the experiences of your peers, look no further. Our events are designed with you in mind.


Practice Development Seminars

What’s possible in your business? Would you like to find out? We’d love for you to join us at our next Guest Summit event so you can learn more about how we strengthen practices, create thriving businesses, and help our Members and their teams achieve their goals.

Owner Summit


Business owners have their own unique challenges. They need a place where they can share experiences with their peers, keep abreast of shifts in the industry, and learn how to become better leaders. With Audigy’s Owners Summit, they have an event—designed specifically for them—that does just that.


Patients for Life


Even the best can get better. That’s why we host Patients for Life trainings for our Members and their teams several times a year: to make their focus on delivering great care and services a consistent—and consistently delightful—experience for their patients.

Team Summits


It started as a meeting featuring a handful of audiology visionaries. Now it’s the industry’s largest event for private hearing care professionals: inspirational keynote speakers, targeted coursework for every position in the practice, and an opportunity for entire teams to reestablish their sense of purpose and reaffirm their goals. There’s no event like it. And it’s not to be missed.