Resources for Schools

Resources for Schools

Enrich Your Students’ Learning Experiences

Looking for ways to further round out your students’ business acumen and leadership skills? Count on Audigy University.

We partner with schools to enhance their Au.D. curricula with opportunities such as customized on-site workshops, distance-learning opportunities, and access to Audigy CEO, an exclusive online platform featuring provider mentorship, weekly discussion topics, training, and a supportive community of peers.


This three-day networking and educational opportunity — with airfare, hotel, and all meals covered though a competitive scholarship process — helps students improve their business literacy, enhance their professional skills, and refine their approach to patient interaction.


We’re the one-stop resource for externships and careers in private practice. With more than 250 members representing 700 locations across the U.S. and Canada, we match students with externships and careers that align with their passions.


We’re your partner in providing students an enriching, practical experience through your program’s clinic. We work to help you attract and maintain an adequate and appropriate patient base, develop and refine business operations, and expand opportunities for staff and student skill development for exceptional patient care.

Learn more about how your program and students can benefit from our customized curriculum, placement assistance, or clinic support by contacting us today.