Private-Practice Careers

Private-Practice Careers

Achieve Your Goals on Your Terms

As a hearing care provider, you know how important the right fit can be. Create a career that fits your personal, professional, and financial goals by joining an AudigyCertifiedTM practice.

Get ready to thrive.

AudigyCertifiedTM practices are different. Instead of focusing solely on treatment, we work hard to improve our patient relationships. Where others schedule, we invite; where others prescribe, we recommend. And in an industry that’s becoming increasingly competitive, we thrive.

Learn from the best.

Whether you’re answering the phone or fitting the latest hearing device, working at an AudigyCertifiedTM practice gives you the benefit of working alongside some of the most experienced, successful folks in the hearing care industry.

Become even better.

As a professional at an AudigyCertifiedTM practice, you’ll enjoy special access to continuing education opportunities from Audigy University. Hone your patient-interaction skills, learn about new innovations in hearing care technology, and improve the way you do business every day.

Pursue what’s important to you.

When you work at an AudigyCertifiedTM practice, your personal, professional, and financial goals are just as important as those of the practice. Want to move up the ladder? We’ll help you map out the rungs. Want to realize your highest earning potential? We’ll help you set related goals.

Learn more about the benefits of joining an AudigyCertifiedTM practice. Contact us today.