Audiology Externships

Audiology Externships

Discover Your Potential in Private Practice

“I’m really excited to do my externship with an AudigyCertified™ private practice because I can learn a lot from not only where I’m going to be for my externship, but from Audigy as well. When I want to go down that path to owning my own practice, they will give me the tools and resources necessary to do that.”
Akila Prasad, University of Illinois
Arizona Ear Center, Phoenix, AZ

Ready to push your learning to the next level? Get hands-on experience with an exclusive externship at an AudigyCertified™ practice.

Our AudigyCertified™, independent private practices are not only dedicated to delivering the highest levels of patient care but are committed to helping you learn, grow, and maximize your potential.

Each practice has highly trained front office staff, knowledgeable and experienced hearing care providers, and an owner who cares about fully serving the patient’s individual hearing needs from day one.

A combination of learning tools include a workbook, online training, and guided conversations with preceptors, the Externship Development Program encourages students to focus on personal growth, professional development, and setting goals. Focusing on both extraordinary patient care and entrepreneurial skills related to practice management; this program was created to ensure students are confident and ready to enter the clinical workforce after completing the externship.

Our members’ practices:

  • Are supported by proven training methods that promote transformational business growth and patient loyalty
  • Are more stable on average and manage a greater patient volume than other practices nationwide
  • Have full access to marketing, operations, HR, finance, and IT service teams, helping them successfully compete against large corporations and consolidation

These practices are eager to help you become one of the nation’s top hearing care providers and are personally invested in your success. Don’t wait! Apply for an externship today.

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